Here you can discover some interesting and different things to do in Medellín.   

A tour for everyone

   When it comes to alternative plans, Medellín has a tour for everyone. For those interested in enjoying Colombia’s famous exotic fruit, the Minorista market is a mandatory stop. This traditional fresh-produce marketplace is a paradise for trying many tropical fruits: soursop—sugar-apple or custard apple—and mamoncillo—Spanish lime.   Beer tasting tours are also on the rise in Medellín. You can either join one, or buy a ‘passport’ to access special discounts in bars and breweries all over town.   For a glimpse of everyday local life, head downtown and go on the ultimate Medellín walking tour. Explore the area with a native guide at a custom-made cost, since these tours are usually run on donations from participants.  

Cultural alternative plans

   Medellín is well known for its vibrant cultural scene. Many acts make for great alternative plans, such as Unión Latina. This performing arts academy has positively impacted the lives of over 1500 kids and teens from the city’s underprivileged zones. Through music, dance and theater, Unión Latina aims to keep them from engaging in criminal activities and substance abuse. The academy puts on shows locally to showcase the talent of Medellín’s youth.   Other prime nightlife locations include Provenza neighborhood, as well as La 33 street if you are looking to party with locals rather than foreigners.   

Design and fashion

   Medellín is recognized as Colombia’s hotspot for design and fashion. It is home to the biggest annual fashion show in the country, Colombiamoda. Furthermore, the city is buzzing with shopping malls, stores and showrooms. Visit Via Primavera and roam its 45 independent-designer fashion, décor and furniture stores. Plenty of things will catch your eye in this open sky, alternative mall.  

A day trip to remember

   A little under two hours from Medellín, there is a town that offers great sights and activities. As far as alternative plans go, this is a traveler-favorite. Take a day trip to Guatapé and climb to the top of a 740-step stairway to see the famous monolith, El Peñol or the Guatapé Rock. From there you will discover one of the region’s most impressive landscapes: the Peñol-Guatape reservoir, with its islands and lakes. Stroll through the town’s renowned colorful streets to snap frame-worthy and instagrammeable pictures of your vacation.   Every touristic spot in the world has its own must-see experiences. Most of them are very well known and popular, but often alternative plans can really show a place’s character. 

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