On Sunday and holiday mornings, we invite you to move, exercise and share with your family at the different points the city has available as “Ciclovías” (bike paths) in Medellín. The bike paths are also known as the active and healthy pathways; there are 65 kilometers in different sections of the city: Río, Oriental, Poblado, Estadio, Las Palmas, Cerro El Volador and those in neighborhoods. These spaces lead you to live the city in a different way. 

Night bike path in Medellín

   If you prefer cycling at night, you have an open invitation. Medellín has the advantage of having a night-time bike path. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can ride around the Estadio, Rio and Cerro El Volador sections.   In order to promote the use of the bicycles, and because of their benefits in terms of health, the economy and environment, an initiative emerged, one that created the Corporación Colectivo Ciudadano Siclas. Siclas organizes regular nightly cycling programs with citizens and also has a fleet of bicycles. Here, you can see more information and get information from its agenda. 

Activities to carry out on the cycle path routes in Medellín

   The bike lanes in Medellín have programs that include all people through the “Puntos Activos” (Active Points). It is a strategy that promotes physical activity through an offer in different modalities:   Multiclass: Sessions where different fitness modalities are combined, such as aerobics, taebo, rumba, maintenance gymnastics and yoga.

   Other activities that can be found in the cycle paths of Medellín are: Ludoteka Móvil, Campus Digital, Adrenalina and Recreandos. Each section of the cycle path in Medellín has guides, guardians, coordinators, managers and APH care for attendees.

In short, it is an excellent plan for family enjoyment and getting to know the city while doing physical activities.   Get to know location and schedules of each of these spaces that have already been operating for more than 35 years, through the INDER (Sports and Recreation Institute) and the Medellín Mayor’s Office.  

Enjoy the city in these alternative ways, go peddling, skating, trotting or simply, just walk!

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