When the prestigious Lonely Planet guide chose Colombia as the second-best country to travel in 2018, many were surprised (Lonely Planet, 2017). In 2018, tourism grew in Colombia more than 10% and in 2019 the forecast is very positive. Therefore, Colombia is no longer a discovery. The real surprises are the places to visit in Colombia. In this article we will show you the most incredible destinations that exist in this beautiful South American country.   

1. The Caribbean islands: a place full of possibilities

   Colombia is one of those lucky countries that has a huge coastline oriented to two different oceans. In the Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea bathes paradisiacal beaches and places where it seems that time has stopped to observe the landscape. You should have on account the following for travel to the Caribbean islands:   Nice weather all the year   Although the period between December to April is the driest time in the part of the Caribbean island of Colombia, the truth is that you can travel any time in the year. Colombia is a tropical country and you can find amazing and sunny days in any month.   

2. Coffee region: the best aroma in an extraordinary place to visit


  • Salento: it is the most typical town of the Coffee Region. Among the places to visit in Colombia, this beautiful town preserves the colors and essence of the area.
  • Snow Peaks Park: if you dare to ascend above the level of the coffee plantations, there are wonderful routes between peaks of 5,000 meters.


3. Caño Cristales: colors flood this amazing place to visit in Colombia 🇨🇴

   Between the months of June and November, there is a river in Colombia that offers the traveler 7 impressive colors. It seems that someone painted with watercolors on its waters. Before travelling, remember the following information:

  • The touristic part of Caño Cristales river is the Macarena Mountains, in a small town called Macarena too. It is in a region called Meta, in a point named Natural Park for the Colombian state.
  • The complexity of the landscape in Caño Cristales makes it necessary to travel with a travel agency.


4. Villa de Leyva: a colonial place to visit

   If among these places to visit Colombia you have not found cultural tourism, do not worry. Villa de Leyva is a beautiful colonial town situated in the region of Boyacá, just one hour away from Bogotá. It is sill preserves the history of the region:

  • You can travel from Bogota in a single day to enjoy the widest plaza in the country.
  • Remember to lose yourself in its surroundings: you will find incredible pools of natural water.


5. Medellin: a place to visit in Colombia full of options

   Medellin is the best valued city in Colombia by their citizens. The standard of living and the beauty of its surroundings are unique. The last governments of the city have worked hard to promote the role of Medellin as a tourist destination:

  • Medellin has several impressive green areas: from Arvi Park to the gardens in the city.
  • A quality transportation system.
  • Street culture: Medellin has promoted citizen creation during the last years. Walking through some Medellin streets is a delight for the eyes because of the grafittis.

Places to visit in Colombia: the next step is to choose   These five destinations are examples of the diversity you can find on your trip to Colombia. The South American country has options for all interests. Look at the map, search a flight and have an unforgettable experience in Colombia.    

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