When visiting places like Jardín, Santa Fe de Antioquia and Sabaneta you can try different typical dishes and get to know their regional identity through the Gastronomy in Antioquia.  

Jardín, a Town of Magic and Traditions ✨

   Jardín is one of Colombia’s heritage towns, with cobbled streets, colonial architecture and a wonderful presence of nature. Lush Guayacanes, roses, birds and waterfalls, not to mention their sunsets, really have magic. Located three hours from Medellín, it is worth the trip and stay at least 2 nights in one of its a large traditional houses.   

“Calentao paisa,” a typical breakfast of the cuisine of Antioquia 🍛

   In Jardín, you can enjoy a traditional “calentao paisa,” very common “previous night meal” at breakfast time. It is a dish that consists of reheating foods that were not consumed the day before and were refrigerated. The most popular is the one that is prepared with beans and mixed with rice. The dish can even bring ripe banana, scrambled eggs (with onion and tomato) and “arepa” (corn flat preparation). Generally, it is accompanied with chocolate or hot panela drink (sugar cane).   

“Cazuela de fríjoles” (Bean casserole), for lunch or dinner 🍲

   The bean casserole is another typical dish that you can enjoy in Jardín. Although its ingredients may vary, the base is beans and rice. The dish is served in a bowl and diced ripe banana, ground beef, pork rind, chorizo, avocado and tender corn kernels.

Santa Fe de Antioquia, Land of Fruits 🥭🥑

   Santa Fe de Antioquia is known as the mother land. A place where you travel through Colombia’s time and history. It was named a national monument for its colonial architecture, so one of the attractions is to visit its eight churches, marvelous architectural constructions.   In this town you can delight your palate with the best desserts of gastronomy in Antioquia, because this is a land where scarce fruits such as tamarind and pistachio are farmed. This has kept a culinary tradition around sweets and other fruits such as grapefruit, mamey, icaco, mango and plum, as well as some more exotic prepared with unusual ingredients such as cassava or yucca, arracacha and/or avocado.  

The Largest “Buñuelo” in the World is Found in Sabaneta 🥟🧀🍞

   Sabaneta, known as “Vallecito del Encanto,” (Enchanted Little Valley) is the smallest municipality in Colombia with only 15 km². It is also, one of the closest municipalities to Medellín, which you can reach using the Metro service as transportation.   There, you will find the largest “Buñuelo” (Cheese fritter) in the world. An immense pleasure, one could say, since it is about four kilos in weight. In addition, its preparation takes about four hours.   The “Buñuelo” is one of the traditional products of the Antioquia’s gastronomy. It is prepared with cornstarch, milk and salty cheese from the Caribbean coast of Colombia; It is molded with the hands in the form of spheres and fried in oil, just as any fritter. It is Antioquia’s irreplaceable breakfast side dish, and with “Natilla” (custard dessert), one of the most consumed dishes during Christmas time. 

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