It’s always exciting to find a new tourist destination. You need to consider different key aspects. Costs and enough time-off from our daily routines are important, but there are other key tips to consider when choosing the perfect getaway. There are new and unique places waiting for you and your family not too far from home. Let’s take a look at some things to consider when choosing your next vacation in Colombia.   

A different take on choosing a tourist destination

   An important key aspect to consider when choosing places to visit in Colombia is to look for places off the beaten track, or less touristy than the rest. Planning a vacation needs a bit of thinking, fun and risk. Look at the most popular tourist destination in the country, but also look out for those hidden gems. These are the day trips that will spice up your experience and make it different from the norm. Take for example, the locally popular Vuelta a Oriente or Green Trip of Antioquia. This symbolic trip offers a variety of activities suited to all ages. Stop off at different restaurants and towns along the way. Experience local life and take an amazing gastronomic tour full of local wonders.   No trip would be complete without learning a bit about the culture of the place you visit, from museums to local festivals. There is nothing that says a trip well done like getting a little local knowledge on the side. For your next tourist destination find the time to take in as much as you can from the culture you’re visiting. Colombia offers an amazing array of museums for every member of the family. Plan separate day trips to go to different museums like the Gold Museum or Museum of Colonial Art in Bogotá, or Parque Explora and Museo de Antioquia in Medellín, for example.  

Museo de Antioquia, Medellín


Immerse yourself in your next tourist destination

   Immerse yourself in the culture. Walk around and allow yourself to get lost for a bit. Talk to the locals and ask them about their country, customs and favorite places. In other words, try to absorb as much of this great culture as you can. Plan your day trip in Medellín suited to your interests. Doing a tour like ‘Experience Downtown’ or ‘Let’s walk through Junin’ is a perfect way to experience Colombian life.   Lastly, find the time and place to relax. After all, you’re on vacation! There are plenty of places to visit in Colombia where you can relax; visit beaches, parks, spas and natural reserves. Try finding a tourist destination not everyone knows about. What about a trip to Arboletes in Antioquia? This yet-to-be discovered place offers an opportunity to enjoy nature and family. Experience the Caribbean Sea like never before and relax at the mud volcano in the vicinity. This would definitely will be a day trip to remember. So now you know some key aspects to consider when choosing which places to visit in Colombia for your next tourist destination. But the most important thing is to enjoy yourself in a new place. 

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