Colombia is known for the beauty of its landscapes and the warmth and happiness of its people. It is also one of the happiest countries in the world. This is reflected in the daily routines but mainly in its festivals. This is one of the reasons why Colombia is an inevitable country to travel and visit. Therefor, in order for you to have an unforgettable experience will give you our top 12 Colombian festivals, one for each month of the year that you shouldn’t miss.   

1. January: Carnival of blacks and whites

   Celebrated at the beginning of the year in Colombia the Carnival of Blacks and Whites in Pasto, Nariño is a must go. In which more than 10,000 artists participate whose preparation that lasts for months is consumed in a week of joy, play and fantasy.   

2. February: Barranquilla Carnival

   February is known world wide as the month of the carnivals, and Colombia isn’t the exception. The Barranquilla Carnival through the years has become one of the most important folkloric and cultural festivals in Colombia. Each year, one and a half million people, including visitors and locals, meet at the sandy beach and annually celebrate a party full of joy, music and fun. During these days of joy and authenticity, the carnival assistants will be able to see the most typical aspects of the Caribbean culture.
This is a must go when you think about Colombian festivals.



3. March: Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá

   Bogotá, the Colombian capital, is dressed in color and joy to make way for the largest theatrical festival in the world. This Festival counts with the presence of theater companies from five continents, dance shows, street theater, opera, and much more.



4. April: Festival of the Vallenato Legend


   At the end of April, the Festival of the Vallenato Legend is the great celebration of the popular culture that occurs in Valledupar. This is the main city of Cordoba´s department, located in the north area of the country near the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

This contest works and promotes the defense and dissemination of Música Vallenata. The UNESCO recently recognized this rhythm as cultural patrimony.   

5. May: ColomBIOdiversity Festival


   ColomBIOdiversity festival is a unique space to promote the importance of being the second country with the most diversity of species in the world. This Festival takes place in Medellín and Bogotá.   Its objective is to sensitize the greatest number of people possible, about the importance of biodiversity and the protection of the environment in Colombia. It is developed through cultural spaces as exhibitions, environmental film festival and workshops for children.

This is an amazing idea when you travel with your family and you want to go to a Colombian festival.   

6. June: San Pedro’s Festival


   The Festival and National Reign of Bambuco highlights the folklore of Huilense people with music, dances, comparsas and local gastronomy. The origin of this festival comes from the colonial period in honor of San Juan for rural celebrations and San Pedro for urban celebrations. Years after, these two celebrations were united, becoming the official party using the choreography of the Sanjuanero from Huila.   

7. Colombiamoda


   Colombiamoda takes place in Medellín, Colombians fashion capital. Known as the Fashion Week of Colombia, is one of the most important scenarios in Latin America. Seeking to make Colombia and industry entrepreneurs visible. It has three important axes: runways, commercial exhibition and pavilion of knowledge.   

8. August: The Flower fair


   Beautiful flowers decorate the streets of Medellín every year during this month. Thousands of people gather around this celebration, conceived to remember, exalt and perpetuate the values of Antioquia´s Silletera culture. It’s held every year at the beginning of August. Is a unique experience for any traveler, with the largest outdoor flower show in the world, known as Desfile de Silleteros, you can´t miss it Another must go of Colombian festivals. 

9. September: Green Moon Festival


   This festival has given international significance to the island of the «Sea of 7 Colors» San Andrés. Its a Caribbean encounter around the sound of music, dance, art and gastronomy. It’s a week full of artistic and cultural events. Every year the most outstanding artists of the Caribbean music of international renown give different shows, where the dances and the concerts do not wait.   

10. October: Tatacoa Festival


   Every year, in mid-October, a connection with the mother earth takes place in the great desert of Tatacoa. More than 5000 people from different destinations come to enjoy electronic music, for three days. This festival counts with the performance of 30 invited artists between national and foreign musicians.




11. November: Salsa Park Festival


   Salsa Park Festival occurs in Bogotá and has an artistic selection that goes through different manifestations of Salsa music. Counts with the presence of talent musicians of great national and international recognition. This festival event brings together a movement specialized in the genre. Linking performers, dancers, collectors, music lovers and fans.   

12. December: Cali´s Fair

   Cali is one of the main cities of Colombia located in the Valle del Cauca department. The Cali Fair has become one of the largest showcases of Colombia; here national and foreign tourists come every year to participate in this great event. This festival unveils the most colorful shows of salsa and international dances with hundreds of international dancers.

These are just some of the many Colombian festivals and fairs that exist. That’s why it doesn’t matter in which month of the year you travel, you’ll always have amazing places to go and activities to develop in the company of incredible colors, people dances and types of music. You may also be interested: Feria de las Flores program.💐