In the Corregimiento of Santa Elena located in the Eastern area between the Valleys of Aburrá and San Nicolás, distributed in 11 villages, the community of silleteros is formed by hundreds of thriving peasants, farmers of tradition and flower heritage. In Santa Elena you can find around 16 silleteras farms which open their doors day after day to give the place and visitor an experience full of identity


The traditional “silleta” was used to transport cargo and people on their backs, thanks to the emergence of new bridleways and new vehiclesm the silleta started losing its validity but continued to be used by farmers as a tool to transport their flowers from the corregimiento of Santa Elena to Medellín and thus be able to market them in neighborhoods, market squares and cemeteries.


Silleteros Parade

The first Silleteros Parade was made in 1957 within the framework of the Feria de las Flores. Over the years the Silleta has become an aesthetic object of the Paisa tradition that goes around the world as a symbol of the Silletera Culture, allowing many silleteros to travel through different countries as ambassadors of the tradition of Antioquia

Currently more than 500 silleteros participate in the Silleteros Parade in five categories (traditional, emblematic, monumental, commercial and artistic)

 Each year in the Silleteros parade children, young people, women and men of all ages participate, honoring their history and tradition, carrying behind their backs with great pride the saddle, an icon of spectacular beauty and a unique culture in the world.


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