Its cobbled streets, 22 churches and Mother Laura museum make Jericó a unique destination. This town has republican and colonial style elements that captivate both its residents and tourists. Its architecture, characterized by the design of doors and balconies, is complemented by trees, of which cedars, ceibas, arbutus and ariaza palm trees stand out.

You can also find some bars, clubs, cafes and stores that you may enjoy. It is noteworthy that Jerico is a new religious tourist destination in Latin America, as it is
the birthplace of the first Colombian saint, Laura Montoya Upegui, better known as Mother Laura. There, her birth house is preserved and has now become a museum.

In addition to this museum, you can visit several interesting places as you walk around the town:
Catedral Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes (Cathedral of Our Lady of Mercy)
The cable-car

El Salvador or Cristo Rey Hill
Las Nubes Hill and Park
Cauca Viejo

Jericó is also a town known by the production of Carrieles, a typical bag made of leather. You will see a fairly wide variety of designs and colors to take as souvenir from Colombia. If you are looking for religious history, traditional handicrafts and a town full of color, Jericó is the place that you should visit.

Helpful Hints

Distance from Medellín: 104 km. Temperature: 18°C. MSMN: 1,950 m.
Phone number: (+57 – 4) 852 31 01  Municipal Hall
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