La Pascasia

La Pascasia popular music cultural center, is an old mansion built in late 19th century, which has an auditorium, an art gallery, bookstore and features musical, literary, and plastic art activities.

The house itself invites to get together. Its central courtyard has a large calabash tree, surrounded by ferns and staghorn ferns, bifloras that accompany visitors while they walk around the gallery, which used to be the place where its owners slept or the bookstore that used to be the dining room of the house.

You may end the tour in the kitchen of the old mansion for a cup of coffee or to drink a beer next to a garden of vines and perhaps even going to the back of the house to enjoy a concert at La Pascasia Auditorium, that used to be a patio and then a wine cellar at the beginning of last century.

Helpful Hints

Phone number: (+57 -4) 580 86 60

Adress: Carrera. 42 No 4646