In Medellín we take care of our children from sexual exploitation

We love our city, we have a history that has built us and continues to transform us every day, corners that invite us to travel to explore our traditions, the flavors that carry the aroma of our mountains, and above all we love our people. This love is our flag, the principle of non-violence for any human being who steps on our land, and in this manifesto, we promulgate it and demand it in a special way for our children and adolescents, the seed and future of a transforming, innovative and resilient city.

We promote responsible, ethical, and sustainable tourism, one that honors life, dignity, respect, and love, in the same way, we want to take care of our visitors and serve them with an open heart and free of prejudice, that is why we count on your commitment to prevent and deal with the sexual exploitation of girls, boys, and adolescents in our Medellín.

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How to help prevent the sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents?

Our visitors are welcome and invited to contribute to the care of our girls, boys and adolescents, alerting the authorities to cases of sexual exploitation, to the Metropolitan Police for Children and Adolescents in case of emergency by dialing 123, to the Colombian Institute of Wellbeing Familiar (ICBF), or through the website

Thank you for helping us take care of our children and adolescents!

Thank you, thank you very much for helping us to ensure that tourism in Medellín continues to be a vehicle for integration, empowerment, and generation of opportunities for development and social transformation.

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