10 must-see in the center of Medellín

The center of Medellín is the heart of the city, and it is an area through which thousands of people pass, since here a large part of the city's commerce is concentrated. It is also a fundamental part of the history of the city and its transformation. Therefore, walking the center of Medellín is a must-see plan for locals and tourists, because here you can see close to the paisa culture and its day to day. So if you live in Medellín or you are going to visit it, these are some of the recommended plans that you can do.

1. See a tango show at the Malaga Salon

It is a café-bar located a step away from the San Antonio metro station, and is part of the cultural and artistic scene of downtown Medellín. It is famous for the live tango shows that can be enjoyed, in addition to the bolero evenings and the viejoteca.

It is a place with a unique setting, as its photographs, its music and its works take you back to the city’s past.

2. Visit the Antioquia Museum

Declared as the architectural heritage of the city, this museum houses a collection of more than 5,000 pieces, including some that are archaeological heritage and even contemporary art. In the museum you can find works by the master Fernando Botero and Pedro Nel Gómez.

Admission is free for people of stratum 1,2 and 3, presenting the utility bill, as well as children under 12 and students.

3. Walk through the Plaza Botero

It is an open-air museum with 23 pieces by the talented sculptor Fernando Botero, works that were donated by him to the city.

 In this square is the Museum of Antioquia and the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture.

This square is perfect for spending the afternoon, eating ice cream and watching people go by, because it is a place with a lot of affluence because there is a lot of commerce around.

4. Walk the Junín pedestrian passage

It is the most emblematic pedestrian passage in the city and one of the busiest, for it that the word “Juniniar” is a verb created to refer to the plan to go to this street to enjoy shopping or just to look. In addition to shops, there are cafes, bars and restaurants

5. See a play at the Pablo Tobón Uribe

It is a very traditional scene in the city and it was opened in 1967. There you can enjoy different plays and share time with family or friends. This is the place that best acoustics offers for musicals and plays.

6. See Bolivar Park

Named in honor of the liberator Simón Bolívar, where you can sometimes find artisan markets. In the plaza is the Metropolitan Basilica of Medellín, which is considered a national monument.

7. Walk through the Park of lights

It is a public space where an artificial forest was created with 300 posts that illuminate the square at night. Around it is the EPM library so it is very frequented by young people, and there are also bars and billiards, which makes older adults walk around the area as well.

8. Minor Basilica Our Lady of Candelaria

It is a colonial construction that was declared a National Monument of Colombia, and is the first parish in Medellín. It is located on one side of the Berrio Park

9. Attend an event in Plaza Mayor

It is the international convention and exhibition center of the city, where the most important fashion events in the country are held, such as Colombiamoda and Colombiatex. Events such as fitness expo, agrofuturo expo, farm expo, among others, are also held.

10. Know the railway station

Yes, Medellín had a railway, it was inaugurated in 1929 and in the 1960s it stopped working due to financial problems. Today it is a tourist reference in Medellín and inside there are commercial premises and offices, an auditorium, library and museum room with objects associated with the railway.

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