A reunion with life

Many of us wish to return to enjoy nature, to breathe fresh and pure air, to walk along natural trails listening to the birds and share with our friends and family the spaces that recharge us, and what better place to do it than the Arví Park.

In this open natural park we will be able to live 5 different experiences of pure connection with life and nature, so visiting the Arví Park becomes a super plan to start with the reactivation of our city

Arví Forest Baths

This experience is pure connection and recharging of energy with nature, so you will be in contact seeing and feeling it.

You will go inside of the biodiverse forests of the park by taking a walk along one of its trails, and also you will experience 2 delicious hours of relaxation, yoga and stretching in the middle of this magical landscape.

This is a perfect plan to live with your co-workers or friends because within this experience you can enjoy a picnic lunch and share with them.

This and all the experiences include a coffee experience where you can learn about the origin coffee of our region and you will see the filtering process drop by drop while you enjoy the aroma.


Find yourself in Arví

The ideal plan to bring out your inner child, awaken the senses, work as a team and laugh a lot.

With this experience, you will participate in an obstacle course in the middle of nature with traditional games that will surely make you smile.

It is a plan designed to share all the time, walk and enjoy the park’s trails while marveling at the flora and fauna together with the company of an interpreter guide, and of course with so much activity you have to fill your belly, and what better than with a delicious and typical cold meat.


Recharge your energy in Arví

As the name says, with this experience you will recharge your energy while enjoying a bike tour breathing in the freshest and most delicious air. If only riding a bike is

already a super plan in itself, now doing it with the forests that Arví has, generates feelings of tranquility and peace.

In addition to the bike, in this experience you will learn a little about gardening and beautification of the park, which you can replicate at home.

This is a very nice experience, in which of course, you can enjoy the special coffee filtering that all experiences have and a delicious picnic in the middle of the forest.


Bike nights in Arví

Can you imagine touring the Arví forests on a night bike tour? This is an experience full of magic from start to finish, where you can live something really different and unique accompanied by expert guides.

To complete this magical plan, how about a campfire in the middle of the fog? This is a perfect and different plan!


Blooming in Arví

Do you like contact with flowers and learn from them? Then this plan is perfect for you! You will learn how to make a kokedama, which are Japanese decorative plants without a pot, this is a super relaxing and beautiful activity.

You can also contribute to the reintroduction of bromeliad plants on one of the park’s trails, and since all these activities are connected with nature, you will experience deliberate relaxation activities.

Here you will not only learn about flowers, but you will also enjoy the flora and fauna of this place through tours of the trails and share a picnic lunch in the forest.


Which of these 5 experiences is your favorite? Plan with your group of friends, family or colleagues to enjoy a different and very natural day


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