The city has two airports, one international and the other destined mainly for national and regional flights. The first is called José María Córdova and is actually about 35 kilometers from Medellín in the municipality of Rionegro; If you land there, we recommend that you put up a good playlist to accompany you during the pleasant 25-minute journey through the recently opened Oriente Tunnel, built to facilitate the arrival of travelers.

How to get to Medellín from the José María Córdova airport?

The most important thing you should know is that you have several options: buses, collective or private taxis, coordinated services for example with the hotel where you are going to stay, among others.


When leaving the air terminal, it is easy to visually locate the buses and taxis that provide this service: buses are the most economical means of transport (approximately 11,000 Colombian pesos, or about 3 USD), which has two stops, one in the San Diego Shopping Center to the South of the city and another in the Center of the city at the Hotel Nutibara (near the Parque Berrío station of the Medellín Metro).


Our recommendation is to make sure very well of the location of the place where you are going to stay to get off where it is most convenient, this taking into account, for example, that from the San Diego Shopping Center it is very possible that you have to take an urban taxi or a service of passenger transport by platform to reach your destination.


Another good option is to identify the white collective taxis in which the passage costs approximately 19,000 pesos, about 5 dollars; In them, it is possible to share the transport with other travelers with whom you can even begin to familiarize yourself with the destination; If you travel in the taxi with a local, he will surely have no problem in giving you some recommendations for your trip, tours and stay. This is really something that we like as hosts and that we are culturally proud of.


Of course, there is also the option of requesting a transportation service through electronic platforms such as Uber, Beat, Didi, In-Driver; among others.


The other airport in the city is the Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport, which is located in the El Poblado neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from La Terminal del Sur. From the airport it is possible to travel to destinations even more exotic than conventional ones in the interior of the country, such as Bahía Solano in El Chocó or the Eje Cafetero.


The easiest way to get to the Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport is by taxi or through electronic platforms of transportation services.



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