The currency of our country is the Colombian peso, which has banknote denominations of one thousand, two thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, fifty thousand, and one hundred thousand pesos; The last two, as they are high-denomination bills, are less frequently used when making small purchases, especially in informal places or on the street, so we recommend changing them to avoid any inconvenience.


At the same time, it is important to know that in Colombia cash money is much more common than plastic money, however, purchases with credit cards can be made in hotels, supermarkets, stores in shopping centers, restaurants, among others.


Of course, we also have coins and we use them a lot. Their denominations are: one thousand, five hundred, two hundred, one hundred and fifty pesos, they are very useful to adjust the payment of public transport services, food, tips, among others.

Convertidor de moneda: USD/COP

How much does a dollar cost in Colombian pesos?

This equivalence is quite fluctuating, however, to get an idea, the average of one US dollar in 2020 is equivalent to 3,600 Colombian pesos, approximately what a cappuccino or beer costs. Likewise, a typical lunch can be around five dollars or 20,000 Colombian pesos (sometimes more, sometimes less), a one-liter bottle of water can cost a dollar or 2,600 Colombian pesos and a 5-kilo sack of oranges can cost 1.64 dollars which is equivalent to approximately 6,000 pesos.

Currency exchange offices

In addition to airports, currency exchange offices in Medellín are usually found mainly in shopping centers throughout the city, as well as in neighborhoods with the highest tourist traffic such as the Laureles neighborhood and El Poblado, the city center; and Envigado, municipality of the metropolitan area.