Barefoot Park

The Barefoot Park is a thematic space created with the purpose of sensitizing its visitors “starting with their feet and ending with their spirit.” It is ideal for walking and relaxing. In the Park, you will find specialized guides, who from their experience and knowledge will seek to take you through a magical world between nature and science.


Likewise, you will find some areas where you can sit down to have a picnic, talk, or simply contemplate the dynamics of the city. You will also have at your disposal an area with a great gastronomic variety. This urban oasis constitutes a space designed for the synergy between nature, freedom, and pleasant and welcoming encounters. The Water Museum is located within the Park, which would also be worth enjoying to complete the visit.

Location and how to get to the Barefoot Park

The Park is located in the administrative zone of Medellín, throughout the center. Nearby you will find very representative places of the city such as the EPM Interactive Museum, the Metropolitan Theater of Medellín and Plaza Mayor, the Convention and Exhibition Center. Some of the ways to get to Barefoot Park are:


  • Metro: the closest Medellín Metro station is La Alpujarra. When you get off, you will immediately see the Antioquia Government building. You must cross it on 42nd Street until you reach Carrera 57, which is a two-lane avenue. From there you must go up to 42nd street, which is one block before the roundabout, there you will find the Park.


  • Bicycle: if you prefer to get there by bike, you have the option of taking one of the Public Bicycle System, EnCicla. If you are a foreigner, registration is simple and you can do it through the following website. Throughout the Park, there are two stations where in the middle of a fascinating urban forest, you can park the bicycle you borrowed.


  • Private Transportation: the best route is to take Avenida San Juan or Calle 44 until Carrera 58 in the direction of Calle 42.

Rates and hours of the Barefoot Park

In the Park, you will find some guides willing to explain to you and delve into a wonderful world of science and nature from Tuesday to Sunday and holidays, between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. None of the activities in the Park has a cost.

Architecture and history of the Barefoot Park

The Barefoot Park was built with an oriental base and inspiration, seeking to reflect peace and tranquility. Its construction was carried out in order to generate more recreation and relaxation scenarios and its name refers to the barefoot children on the streets of the city.


Under the Zen philosophy, there are three main natural elements in the architecture of the place; water, air, and land. From these elements, eight stations were created for people to interact in different ways with each of them, these are:


  • Urban gate: this is the symbolic place to enter the Park, where you will find some giant blocks that resemble a waterfall. The intention of this station is that you listen to the sound of the water falling.


  • Sprinklers: this space is designed for the fun of the little ones. There are holes in the floor from which jets of water come under pressure, ready to receive it throughout your body.


  • Well of sounds: in this place you can relax, immersing your feet in the water and receiving a massage thanks to the jets that are inside.


  • Water mirror: this is also space for you to relax, contemplate the beauty and majesty of the water.


  • Forest of guaduas: moving on to another element, in this space, you can breathe pure and fresh air. Also, walk through the labyrinth to which the guaduas give the shape of an ellipse. In the center, you will find some “novios”, traditional flowers from the area.


  •  Zen Garden: inspired by oriental gardens, it is made up of rough stones that exfoliate your feet, while reducing or removing stress.


  • The maze: we challenge you to walk through this space with your eyes closed and without shoes. Activate other senses and enjoy this natural immersion.


  • Level towers: seeking to strengthen your balance, you will find some logs nailed to the ground at different heights. The intention of this space is that you walk through them without falling.


    • Try not to visit the Park on a Monday, as this is the day for cleaning its spaces.
    • Remember that this place is for everyone, take care of it, and keep it clean.


    • Take everything you need to cover yourself from the sun, such as a hat, sunscreen, and glasses.


    • Open your mind and find all the willingness to relax, while you learn and have fun.


    • Promote local products such as food and crafts with their consumption, and try to contribute with your presence to the development of sustainable and responsible tourism.


    This space is an oasis in the heart of the city, one of the busiest areas, and that is why it is designed for you to pause, breathe, sit and take advantage of one of the places of passive recreation that invite you to rest and relax in Medellin.



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