Botanical Garden of Medellín

Located in the heart of the city, the Medellín Botanical Garden is a place of healthy recreation that extends throughout its 13 hectares, in which you can count more than 2,000 trees and unsurpassed biodiversity in the urban area of the city.


Through countless environments such as the Tropical Forest, the Palms Garden, and the Butterfly House, which make this place an ideal place for passive recreation, the Botanical Garden reminds us of the importance of preserving the green lungs of the city.


The impressive architecture of the Orquideorama is ideally combined with the nature of the Garden to generate an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being in an undoubtedly imposing place.

Where is it and how to get to the Botanical Garden?

Like some of the most important tourist sites in the city, the Medellín Botanical Garden is located in the North Zone of the city; Some must-see attractions in the same area are the Explora Park and the Desires Park.

The Medellín Metro station closest to the Botanical Garden is the Universidad station; which is part of Line A and is the closest station in a south-north direction to the Caribe station, that is, the one used by people who go to or come from the North Terminal of the city and through which it is possible to travel to one of the most visited towns in our region, Guatape; as well as Santa Fe de Antioquia, a heritage town of Colombia.

From the University station, just a few meters separate you from the Botanical Garden.

Arrive by taxi to the Botanical Garden

The distance from the City Center to the Botanical Garden is approximately five kilometers and the average cost of the journey for 2020 is COP 9,000, 2.41 USD, although given the proximity of one place and another to the metro stations It is advisable to locate the closest ones and use public transport.

From the Laureles neighborhood, the journey is approximately five kilometers and the average cost of the journey for 2020 is 13,000 COP, 3.49 USD. The El Poblado neighborhood, one of the most popular among visitors, is approximately 9.5 kilometers away and the average cost of the journey for 2020 is 18,000 COP, 4.83 USD.


  • Use sunscreen, the climate of Medellín is usually unpredictable and despite the fact that it is sometimes cloudy, being an outdoor place, the sun is still present. Likewise, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as carry a sweater or a light jacket for the winds when the afternoon falls, or an umbrella in case of rain.


  • Complement your tour of the Botanical Garden, visiting the In Situ Restaurant, the Forest Cafe or the El Vagón Café and Sweet Shop, a stop at these places will represent a break to enjoy a lunch with the best flavors of the region, a coffee, or some other delicious treat.


  • Hydrate yourself. Water is a must on open-air tours, if you don’t have a thermos with you, you can get a bottle of water at the Café del Bosque or at the El Vagón Candy Store.


  • Make responsible use of all the places of the Garden; forests, lakes, enclosures, among others. Do not leave garbage in any area of the Garden or attack the flora and fauna that inhabit there.


  • Carry a camera with enough memory space. The Garden has many green spaces that are worth portraying.