Medellin, proudly LGBTI+!

The biodiversity and warmth of the people in Colombia make it a welcoming country where LGBTI+ Pride is also celebrated.

Medellin also celebrates LGBT + Pride

Different parts of the world celebrate every year, the month of LGBTI+ Pride throughout June, by means of which the historical events that occurred in 1969 in New York are commemorated. There those that the LGBTI+ community demanded fair, dignified, and equal treatment from the authorities.

With all this, today homosexuality is a crime in around seventy countries in the world, of which eight are punishable by death.

Thus, tourism can be presented as a bridge, through which, thanks to cultural exchange, a world can be built that is more aware of the reality of the other, more inclusive, and in which we can celebrate the differences and individuality of all people.

Out in Colombia

Out in Colombia, tourism, and inclusion

Precisely, one of the tourism companies that is committed to celebrating the diversity of our country and its people is Out in Colombia, for this it stimulates its chain of suppliers to implement sustainable practices such as the preservation of the country’s impressive biodiversity, the elevation of local communities and the celebration of the diverse cultures of Colombia.

In fact, one of their experiences called Community OUTing, consists of a visit to an LGBT+ community center in Comuna 13 of Medellin, through which people interact with activists and social leaders in a fascinating tour guided by a member of the community.

Also, the Out in Colombia team is made up of entrepreneurs, guides, and local operators who are part of the LGBTI+ community and who are linked with the purpose of continuing to generate spaces and opportunities in which their talent and experience are valued, above your gender, ethnicity, race, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Why visit Colombia?

Colombia has something special for everyone!

Its tourist offer is as diverse as its flavors, its people, its geography, its landscapes, its climate and its culture.

Jungles, savannas, deserts, coasts, mountains, valleys, and dynamic and cosmopolitan cities in the middle of the tropics, are part of a safe destination for diverse communities and LGBTI+ travelers. A destination in which sympathy and a high vocation for service are the keys to showing those who visit the country that love is simply love in Colombia too.

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