Meet the 7 tutelary hills, the best viewpoints in Medellín

Medellín is surrounded by mountains where many of its neighborhoods and comunas stand out; Inside the city there are 7 main hills, where tourists and locals enjoy the best views, practice sports, share with nature and even go to pray; here we tell you more of each one!

1. El Picacho

Located north-west in “El Doce de Octubre” Comuna, El Picacho is known as “The Protective Sanctuary of the Aburrá Valley”, because at its peak is the Cristo Rey, a site of pilgrimage and of high religious value for the city. It has one of the best views of the Aburrá Valley and ideal paths for hike and photography lovers.

2. El Nutibara

It is one of the most famous hills, practically a must-see in Medellín thanks to the well known Pueblito Paisa, sample of Antioquia’s culture and tradition. It is located in the center of the city and received its name in honor of the indigenous leader of the area, in 1929.

3. El Volador

located in “Robledo” Comuna, western central area of ​​the city; It was declared a Regional Natural Metropolitan Park and has several paths to watch birds and other species, to practice sports such as hiking and cycling and also, to share with family and friends.

4. La Asomadera

located in “Buenos Aires” comuna, in the center of Medellín, it’s  the one with the most biodiversity of native trees, and thanks to this, many animals live there. There are several trails, extensive green areas and a beautiful view of the city and the Aburrá Valley.

5. Las 3 Cruces

This hill has several spaces for outdoors physical activity, many people go and train sports there. It is located in “Belen” Comuna, in the north-west of the city, and it also has excellent viewpoints to appreciate the beauty of Medellín.

6. El Pan de Azúcar

It’s the highest tutelary hill, with the top at more than 2,100 meters above sea level and it is located in “Villa Hermosa” comuna, it has some of the most beautiful trails in the city: “El Jardín Circunvalar”, and it even connects with the Arví Park. As it is the highest hill, it also offers some of the best panoramic views

7. El Santo Domingo

Located in “Popular” comuna, northeast of Medellín, and with easy access thanks to the MetroCable, this hill is a icon of the city thanks to the “Parque Biblioteca España”. From there you can enjoy several viewpoints and areas for recreation and commerce.

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