Moravia neighborhood of Medellín

The hill of the Moravia neighborhood has witnessed the transformation of what would be the city’s garbage dump between 1977 and 1984, a place that was informally occupied by displaced families who improvisedly built their homes in the neighborhood to find a place in the city.


Families that, thanks to their perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, have redefined this place to become the largest garden in the city, made up of 30 thousand square meters of gardens and plots that represent the recovery of 70% of the land in the sector.


One of the most fascinating characteristics of the Moravia neighborhood is the commitment of its social leaders to generate a type of Community Tourism that allows the resources generated by this economic activity to remain among the inhabitants of the neighborhood to improve the opportunities and quality of life of those who inhabit it.

The Moravian Cultural Development Center is the place that welcomes artistic expressions of all kinds for the creation, experimentation, and discovery of the talents of the community, which is also characterized by a wide cultural diversity that is manifested in rural and traditional expressions, artistic practices, neighborhood memories, the Afro movement and the community projects that are gestated there.

Where is it and how to get to Barrio Moravia?

The Moravia neighborhood is located in Comuna 4 of Medellín, is on the northeast of the city, and shares territory with other important tourist sites in the city such as the Botanical Garden, the North Park, and the Explora Park.

Getting to the Moravia neighborhood by Metro

Both the Caribe station and the Universidad station of line A of the Medellín Metro are close to Barrio Moravia. From both, a ten to twelve-minute walking tour will take you to the Moravian Cultural Development Center, our recommended point to start the tour of the neighborhood.


In case you want to go through other tourist spots in the city on your route, it is better to get off at the Universidad station.

Arrive by taxi to Barrio Moravia

The distance from the City Center to the Moravian Cultural Development Center is approximately six kilometers and the average cost of the journey for 2020 is 10,000 COP, 2.71 USD.


From the Laureles neighborhood, the journey is approximately seven kilometers and the average cost of the journey for 2020 is 13,000 COP, 3.50 USD. The El Poblado neighborhood, one of the most popular among visitors, is approximately ten kilometers away and the average cost of the trip for 2020 is 20,000 COP, 5.42 USD.


  • Use sunscreen, the climate of Medellín is usually unpredictable and despite the fact that it is sometimes cloudy, being an outdoor place, the sun is still present. Likewise, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as carry a sweater or a light jacket for the winds when the afternoon falls, or an umbrella in case of rain.


  • Walkthrough the landscaped garden that leads to the hill from which you can see a 360º view of the city.


  • Contribute to the preservation of the garden by planting one of the plants or trees that can be purchased at the nursery located on the hill.


  • To learn about the cultural identity and diversity of the territory through its artistic manifestations, take a guided visit to the Moravian Cultural Development Center.


  • Invest in the territory, promote local products with their consumption, and try to contribute with your presence to the development of sustainable and responsible tourism.


  • Interact with the community, do not deny them a smile or a see you later and if you have the opportunity, consume the products offered in the neighborhood: juices, water, fruits, coffee, handicrafts; among others.




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