Medellín Water Museum

The Water Museum is an interactive and educational space in which you can learn everything about the water resource, from its origin on the planet, detailing its evolution, to understanding its presence in different ecosystems; here you can have fun while you know its states and physical and chemical properties. In addition, you will understand the water footprint and the processes in the city of Medellín so that all its citizens have this vital element in a drinkable way.


In this thematic space of science, art, and technology, made up of nine rooms, you will value the vital role of water for the planet, biodiversity, and the daily life of humanity.

Where is the Water Museum?

The Water Museum is located at Cra. 57 No. 42-139, in Parque de los Pies Descalzos, in front of the EPM Intelligent Building, the administrative headquarters of the Medellín public utility company.


In this sector you will find Plaza Mayor and the Metropolitan Theater of Medellín, and Ciudad del Río.

How to get to the Water Museum?

To get there you can do it from different means of transport:


  • Metro: you arrive at the Alpujarra station and walk around 12 minutes. You can see from a distance the EPM Building and next to it, the Water Museum.


  • Metroplús: if you use this means of transport, you can get off at the Plaza Mayor Station.


  • Bicycle: you can access the area on your bicycle or in one of EnCicla, (to use this service you must register here)


  • By bus: close to the Water Museum is Carrera 57 or Avenida Ferrocarril, through there different bus routes pass such as Belén Las Playas 170, Guayabal 141 and 142, Limonar 1 and 2, Prado, Itagüí, La Estrella Raya 5 and 7 , Caldas; among others. From there you just have to walk to the Parque de los Pies Descalzos.

What is the Water Museum like?

The Water Museum is a center of experiences and adventures, with attractions that will surprise you for its technology, here you can travel to the origin of the planet and water, a journey in time in which you will also learn about the hydraulic systems that some ancient civilizations created, you will be surprised how ingenious they were!


This space has made great efforts so that people with visual disabilities can enjoy the experience, through touch devices, information in Braille, and podo-tactile routes.


In addition, you will have the possibility to enjoy nine interactive rooms, with incredible settings and different themes. These are:


  • Evolution of the planet
  • Water vital resource
  • Ecosystems, units of life
  • Cultures forged by water
  • Water supply
  • Transformation of the environment
  • H20 News
  • Blue planet
  • Art room

Who created the Water Museum?

The history begins in the year 2000 when it was inaugurated as the EPM Interactive Museum. In 2005 it was renewed and focused on the preservation of the environment, and in 2012 it became a Water Museum, in order to raise awareness in people about the care of this vital resource.


Since then it has welcomed all those interested in living an adventure around water, science, technology, art, and interactive experiences.

Hours and fees of the Water Museum

  • The Water Museum offers customer service from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Keep in mind that the box office closes at 2:00 p.m. and that due to maintenance, it does not open on the first business day of the week, that is, if Monday is a holiday, the next day no service is provided.


    The price of the ticket is approximately 1.50 USD ($ 6,000) and if you live in Medellín and are of socioeconomic status 1, 2, or 3, you can enter for free just by presenting the utility bill.


  • Keep in mind that the tour lasts approximately three hours.
  • The Museum has special activities next to the Parque de Los Pies Descalzos, workshops, talks, vacation courses, clubs. For more information, you can consult it here.




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