Music for life, Medellin's strategy in the Creative Cities Network

Music for life, Medellin’s strategy in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network that heals to the sound of violins.

Medellin and the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

Medellin is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, which was created in 2004. Its objective is to promote cooperation between different cities in the world, which identifies creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable development.

Barcelona, Toronto, and Sydney are other cities that, like Medellin, work towards the objective of positioning creativity and cultural industries at the center of their local development plan.


Medellin, creative city in the area of music

One of Medellin’s strategies as a creative city has been to re-signify the value of cultural manifestations. Especially in times when the culture has been the relief and the company in the face of the uncertainty due to Covid-19.

Precisely, the Music for Life initiative, developed by the Mayor’s Office and by the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra, consisted of performing artistic and musical interventions in different hospitals in Medellin. Using art as a method of expression to reduce anxiety and stress caused by both patients and medical personnel.

The Music for Life initiative also reached some of the communes and townships of the city. It brought music, artists, and emotional lighting of candles, as a tribute in a show of condolence, respect, and hope for those who died from the pandemic.


From the Mayor’s Office of Medellin, it is proposed to strengthen the civic culture. Continuing to promote care habits, as well as highlighting the invaluable value of the arts, is an invitation to reflect on our own existence and to enjoy different creative experiences.

Courtesy: Secretariat of Citizen Culture of the Mayor’s Office of Medellin.

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