Explora Park of Medellín

There is something in the Explora Park that is inevitably captivating, seeing it from afar once one leaves the University station and collides head-on with the four red boxes of its construction that are confused with the mountainous landscape of Medellín, is an experience that combines surprise and curiosity to know more.


That is exactly what this science and technology park intends, to make children and adults more curious about knowledge. This is why you should go to this place without haste, as each of its rooms is more interesting than the previous one.

In addition, the Explora Park enjoys the privilege of having one of the largest freshwater aquariums in South America, with a capacity of 580,000 liters of water, in which, among many other species, you can see the pirarucú, the second largest fish in freshwater in the world.

The Medellín Planetarium is also part of the Explora Park and is in its vicinity, this is other of the tourist sites of Medellín full of magic. There, through a digital dome, it is possible to live high-quality immersive experiences through a journey through space sciences. Interesting, right?

Where is it and how to get to Explora Park?

The Explora Park is located in the North Zone of the city and is possibly one of the places in Medellín with more neighbors that are also tourist attractions; the Botanical Garden, the Desires Park, and the North Park are some of them.

Getting to the Explora Park by Metro

The Medellín Metro station closest to Parque Explora is the Universidad station; which is part of Line A and is the closest station in a south-north direction to the Caribe station, that is, the one used by people who go to or come from the North Terminal of the city and through which it is possible to travel to one of the most visited towns in our region, Guatapé; as well as Santa Fe de Antioquia, a heritage town of Colombia.

From the Universidad station, just a few meters separate you from the Explora Park.

Arrive by taxi to Explora Park

The distance from the city center to the Explora Park is approximately five kilometers and the average cost of the journey for 2020 is 9,000 COP, 2.41 USD, although given the proximity of one place and another to the metro stations It is advisable to locate the closest ones and use public transport.

From the Laureles neighborhood, the journey is approximately five kilometers and the average cost of the journey for 2020 is 13,000 COP, 3.49 USD. The El Poblado neighborhood, one of the most popular among visitors, is approximately 9.5 kilometers away and the average cost of the journey for 2020 is 18,000 COP, 4.83 USD.



  • Visit it with enough time to enjoy it: visit each room, enjoy the interactive experiences, and do not forget to enter the aquarium, this place will undoubtedly take your breath away. Also take the opportunity to visit the tourist sites closest to the Explora Park such as the Botanical Garden, the Planetarium, and the Desires Park


  • Include it in your itinerary if you are traveling with children, visiting the Explora Park represents a memorable experience for young and old, as well as an opportunity to learn as a family.


  • Don’t forget to visit the Explora Store and make this experience even more memorable, buying mugs, notebooks, cushions, T-shirts, or any other incredible souvenir.


  • And don’t forget to bring a souvenir of your visit to Medellín; Also, to give a gift, we cannot imagine a present more typical of our culture than an object alluding to Master Botero, the most Colombian of all Colombians.



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