Recommendations to visit Medellín

Medellín’s popularity has increased tremendously and its name resonates every time more among tourists from all over the world it's thanks to the people who have visited, because they have fallen in love and have been spreading the word about Antioquia’s great mountains, the kindness of the paisas, the good vibes that surround the city, the bandeja paisa, the metro and the story of how a city has resurfaced through the years. So, today I would love to give you some recommendations that can be very useful for when you visit my beautiful city.

How to get here

There are 2 airports, the José María Córdova International Airport, located 30 kilometers from Medellín and the Olaya Herrera Airport operates regional and national flights.

And if you are in a border country or in another city in Colombia, you can also get to one of the two inter-municipal transport terminals by bus.


The bandeja paisa is the most traditional dish in Antioquia and is recognized internationally by many people. It is a dish that consists of beans, rice, plantains, pork rinds, roast beef, chorizo, fried egg, avocado and arepa. Yes, we must admit that it can be a bit heavy, but it is a very traditional and delicious dish.

In addition to these dishes, you cannot leave Medellín without trying arepas, sancocho, empanadas and of course the typical coffee of Antioquia.


If there is something that makes Medellín stand out is the transportation, since it is the only city in Colombia that has a metro and is a reason of pride for the paisas (name given to people born in the city).

In addition to the metro, the city has buses, trams, metrocables, subways and taxis; which means many options for getting around, although traffic is still a bit chaotic at certain times of the day.

Must-see of medellín

The city has a lot to offer at a cultural, natural, gastronomic and night entertainment level. During your visit, these are the things you cannot miss to live Medellín like a local and fall in love with its lands.

  1. Walking through Plaza Botero: In this square is located the museum of Antioquia and the Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture.
  2. Strolling through the Parque de las Luces: It is a “forest” of 300 posts up to 24 meters high between water sources and bamboo sticks that are illuminated at night.
  3. Riding on the metro and metrocable
  4. Go to the small town paisa: There is the replica of a typical Antioquia town and it is located on the nutibara hill, so you can have incredible 360 ​​views of Medellín.
  5. Take a tour of the commune 13: A tour among colorful graffiti where you can learn about the history of violence that this population lived and resisted.
  6. Enjoy the nightlife: The nightlife of Medellín is vibrant and is the perfect opportunity to get the paisa culture more closely.
  7. See the sunset from the viewpoint of the palms: The view of the city from this place is beautiful and if it is at sunset, even better.
  8. Arví Park: Is the perfect plan to connect with nature and is very close to the city. You can get there by metro and metrocable.

Excursions in antioquia

Around Medellín we have super interesting towns that are very worth knowing and not only to go during the day, but to stay and sleep and enjoy the nature and culture of these places.

Among the most prominent are:

  • Guatapé: A very colorful and beautiful town, with houses decorated with baseboards, where the imposing stone of the peñol with its more than 740 scales is located, which you can climb to delight in the view of the Guatape dam.
  • Santa Fe de Antioquia: From 1 and a half hour from Medellín we find colonial houses, the western bridge, cobbled streets and a hot climate to enjoy a sunny day or a stay.
  • Jericó: Colombian heritage town with mountains, waterfalls and adventure activities that you can enjoy.

General tips

  • To enjoy all that Medellín has to offer and its surroundings, the ideal is that you visit it for at least 4 days.
  • Always have cash on hand as you will need it to pay for taxis, the bus, buy street food, etc. You can withdraw money from the ATMs or make the change at the exchange houses.
  • In Medellín, more and more people knows English, so you can communicate easily, especially in the Poblado area, however, if you know Spanish words or phrases, you will conquer the heart of the paisas.
  • If you are going to travel by bus, taxi or private car around the city, always remember to leave early enough as traffic is usually quite a lot.
  • Take the same precautions that you would take in any big city and use common sense. Listen to the recommendations of the tour guides and people from your accommodation.