Medellín, a destination to experience culture

Culture in Medellín is lived in different forms and manifestations: through a visit to one of its museums, through the enjoyment of countless public spaces or neighborhood experiences, or in revitalizing doses of different artistic manifestations that can be appreciated for example through urban art, tango dances and tropical rhythms and the places of yesteryear where it is possible to listen to the music of before.

It is for this reason that we choose some tourist sites in the city, which invite us to live an authentic Medellín that, through its stories, narrates a place that vibrates with culture and is transformed through it

Center of Medellin

Entering the Center is entering the very roots of Medellín. This is one of those inevitable plans in the city, since, in a single sector sculptures, monuments, museums, and public spaces are gathered to appreciate the historical heritage of the city such as, among many others, the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture, one of the most iconic buildings of the Belgian architect Agustín Gooaverts, from which, by the way, you can see the Plaza

Botero, the only open-air place in the world that has 23 sculptures by Maestro Fernando Botero.

Museum of Antioquia

Over time, the Museum of Antioquia has remained one of the places that year after year welcomes thousands of tourists to the city due to its historical and cultural relevance. There, through 17 rooms, it is possible to find more than 5,000 thousand works and pieces by internationally renowned artists such as Fernando Botero himself, the most exposed living artist in the world

Salon Malaga of Medellin

Located in the heart of Medellín, Salón Málaga preserves the magic of other lucid years, of tango and elegance, that once characterized the city. It is a cafe for gatherings, a bar where you can share a beer with friends; the canteen of the music lovers of yesteryear; a corporation that believes in the art to preserve memory; a trunk of memories and icon of Medellín.

Stopped in time, in the Salón Málaga you can still hear the voice of the immortal Carlos Gardel with his poems made tango. Its walls with photographs of celebrities who once visited it are relics that the curious and passionate about history fall in love with.

House of Memory Museum

At 400 meters from the Bicentenario station of the Ayacucho Tram, is the House of Memory Museum, a place designed to amplify the voice of the victims of the armed conflict during the time of greatest violence in Medellín and Colombia, and a vivid reflection of the processes of repair and social reconstruction that the city has gone through.

The House of Memory Museum aims to give a voice to all victims of violence around their memories, seeking to sensitize all citizens through the collective construction of peace, to finally achieve a guarantee of non-repetition.

Ayacucho Tramway Urban Art Gallery

One of the most atypical and fascinating tours in the city is that of the Ayacucho Tramway Urban Art Gallery since there the manifestations of urban art are literally everywhere.

Graffiti and murals made with different materials and techniques generate a feeling of reflection for everyone who passes by because among the stories they reflect, there are several of the customs and traditions of our region.

Neighborhood experience in Cerro El Picacho

Discovering El Cerro El Picacho, one of the seven tutelary hills of Medellín, is the perfect excuse for this tour that reviews the historical landmarks that shaped the upper part of Commune 6 or Doce de Octubre through an immersive neighborhood and cultural experience in the territory.

Walking the paths of Cerro El Picacho is to embrace its memory and incorporate a heritage whose words are linked to all the senses, having as a reward an unparalleled view of the Aburrá Valley from its highest point.



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